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  • Esaote's Vet-MR GRANDE : In-House Dedicated Small Animal Veterinary MRI Solution


    The innovative Vet-MR Grande, the Vet MRI system is a flagship member of the family of Esaote dedicated MRI scanners: it is specifically designed with the collaboration of veterinary doctors to create an efficient solution for both large and small animal client demographics.


    Vet - MR Grande Covers The Needs For Pet And Equine MRI Imaging

    The Vet-MR Grande is an in-house system available with a choice of 2 dedicated patient tables covering the needs for pet and equine MRI imaging: it offers an open design and tailored patient beds to also accommodate very large animals.


    Vet-MR Grande Equine - The perfect MRI Scanner finally for Equine and Camels

    The advantage of Vet-MR is the convenience of having a fully customized system in your practice. With Vet-MR there is no need to rely on outside MR providers, allowing you to improve your workflow while providing your customers with excellent diagnostic capabilities and follow up that suite the animal’s needs. Vet-MR can be easily installed in a small room, thanks to a specially designed shielding cage that makes Vet-MR an in office MRI.


    Easy Patient Handling

    The Vet-MR Grande Equine system has been carefully designed to address the specific needs of equine practitioners, delivering artifact-free images due to the lack of motion. For practices that require the flexibility to scan pets and horses, the Vet-MR Grande Equine represents an elegant solution. Besides pet anatomy, Vet-MR Grande Equine can perfectly address the carpus, tarsus, hock, pastern, fatlock, foot, brain and sinus. A special moveable patient table is available to facilitate the positioning of the horse in the system.


    Innovative Veterinary MRI Solutions

    Thanks to its wide opening, even very large breeds can be accomodated easily. Animal handling is extremely easy and the operator gets familiar with the use after a short training on site. The Windows operator interface allows an intuitive approach for the operator and it features appropriate vet terms and protocols dedicated specifically to vet imaging.


    Real Time Positioning

    Pet positioning is extremely fast by using the real time feature panel located on the system gantry that continuously visualizes the anatomy position (MRI fluoroscopy); afterwards a localizer (scout) scan is performed contemporarily in the three orthogonal directions.

    Superb Soft Tissue Visualization


    MRI is recognized to be the method of choice for soft tissue imaging. Vet-MR Grande includes a complete set of receiving coils providing high image quality for the different anatomic areas. Our dedicated coils are tailored to specific anatomy for the best image quality.

    Outstanding Image Quality

    When it comes to image quality, Vet-MR Grande Equine is unsurpassable.


    Medical Plus

    We sell and service Esaote ‘s Veterinary MRI Scanners for years from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The region we cover are Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and the whole UAE, also our wing has been established in the Middle East coving Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain.

    VET MRI Grande - Veterinary MRI Scanner

    • Vet-MR GRANDE: Siting

      • Single Room Installation

      • Easy Installation: Single Room Of 25 m² Needed

      • Total Weight: 7 Tons

      • Power Line 3 KW

      • No Cryogens

      • Dedicated Shielding Case By Esaote

    • Brand - Esaote

      Country of Origin - Italy

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