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  • MyLab™SigmaVET
    So Fast, So Easy

    Esaote’s new MyLab™SigmaVET is the smart, portable solution that allows use of an ultrasound whenever a quick and complete diagnosis is required.


    Ultrasound Has Never Been Easier

    Single probe Approach

    With just one probe it will be possible to make a complete imaging medical examination, and simplify your everyday practice.

    Ultrasound has never been easier.

    From Cardiac and Abdominal to Orthopedic Applications

    • High-definition B-Mode: new software and technology to enhance image quality and increase all diagnostic details
    • Extensive connectivity: advanced features allow sharing of ultrasound exams with others even on tablets and portable devices


      MyLab ™ Sigma VET Scanner


        • Dedicated VET software and probes
        • Windows® 10
        • Quick start-up
        • Full-screen visualization
        • Highly responsive capacitive touchscreen
        • Pivoting 15.6” monitor
        • 2 probes connectors
        • Easy to carry

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