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  • Equine Standing CT :


    The new standard of care in equine imaging is here. Equina™ by Asto CT™ is a multi-slice helical CT that allows simultaneous imaging of two limbs of a standing, sedated equine patient. Equina™ has scanned hundreds of equine patients around the world. Without the need for general anesthesia, scanning is safe, simple and standing.


    Equina™ by Asto CT™ is made by veterinary doctors for equine veterinary practice. Designed to be flexible, rugged and diagnostic, Equina™ can image and diagnose conditions of the distal limb and diseases of the head and neck in equine patients



    Equina™ offers very low radiation leakage and dose levels to allow handlers and operators to stay
    with the equine patient for greater safety.


    Equina™ is accessed at ground level, allowing for rapid setup and scanning. Simply lead the horse
    to the target ring, position, and scan. Patients are in and out in 10 minutes.


    Equina™ images bone and soft tissue of limb pairs up to carpus or tarsus of standing equine patients, making it ideal for detecting pathology under weight-bearing conditions.


    Equina’s™ 75cm bore and accompanying 75cm field of view makes it easy to image all sizes of horses, from ponies to draft horses. With a pivoting robotic gantry, Equina™ is flexible to allow head and neck imaging.


    Equina™ is rugged enough to withstand a 1000kg strike force and allow image guided surgery, making it uniquely designed for the rigors of equine veterinary practice


    Equina™ uses 24 detector rows at fast (1 second) rotation for volumetric imaging of 36 slices per second. With wide continuous vertical and horizontal scan fields, Equina™ offers high-quality, diagnostic imaging without the need for scout views.

    Asto CT - Equine Standing

    • Country of Origin : USA

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