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  • Scintigraphy on a Standing Horse

    An ingenious combination of mechanics, electronics and software
    makes scintigraphy on a standing horse easily achievable.
    Experience gained from human medicine, including detector
    specifications, measurement methods and processing, as well as
    feed-back from our many customers have enabled us to achieve the
    aim of easy and fast diagnosis.


    ‘MiE Equine Scanner H.R. – Scintron’ Gamma Camera system offers
    many advantages. It is compact, robust and mechanically superior
    to pendulum suspension systems. The detector support column is
    mounted approximately one centimeter above the floor, allowing
    quick and easy movements along any axis of the gantry support and
    thus the gantry works at a low noise level.


    For image acquisition, the detector is positioned beside the sedated patient in the scanning room. The camera is manoeuvred mechanically and by hand. This process is quick and requires very little physical strength.

    The combination of the NaI (Tl) crystal and 66 selected PMTs (photomultiplier tubes) forms a 61 cm x 40 cm (24” x 15.75”) detector. This is the largest field of view currently available. All controlling and acquisition hardware has been placed in the base of the camera. This has the advantage that the cables have very little room to move – eliminating a frequent source of mechanical damage.

    MiE Scintigraphy

    • Country of Origin - Germany

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