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  • VET MRI G-Scan - VET Rotating MRI Scanner


    While many MRI systems are capable to scan the limbs of horses from the carpus and tarsus distally, because sufficiently easy to drag the anatomy to the isocenter of the magnet, when it comes to stifle joint it gets impossible for every MRI in the market for the sole exclusion of the G-scan equine. In fact thank to its revolutionary system design and rotating mechanism, it enables a unique patient positioning, which is functional to an optimal investigation of the stifle joint, moreover the peculiarities of the system are now looming new horizons on the future possibility to scan the horse under sedation.


    The voice of Customer


    G-scan Equine has been developed in close collaboration with expert equine specialists, resulting in sequences and exam protocols that are tested at research sites and the possibility of creating customized protocols, according to specific clinical needs.

    Furthermore, the software features correct Vet terminology and image orientation together appropriate patient set-up scheme, allowing for easy exam management.


    Easy positioning


    Correct positioning of the district of interest in the magnet is key to obtain a good image quality. G-scan equine has some particular features that substantially facilitates the work of the MRI tech making for a faster scan and better image quality.


    Real-Time Gantry Monitor

    The small monitor situated on magnet displays in real time the MRI image for an immediate set up.


    Dedicated easy coils

    Dedicated coils that can be opened to facilitate positioning of the horse’s limb.


    Versatility, suitable also for small animal applications.

    The G-scan Equine can also be equipped with the appropriate software and coils dedicated to small animal applications to enhance the patient database.


      G-scan Equine Economics

      Vet-MR Grande is an intelligent and affordable investment. It has a maintenance-free permanent magnet, no special cooling systems are required and power consumption is very low (max 3 Kw) meaning that it can be run from a standard power outlet. The total operating costs of Vet-MR Grande are very low thanks to is easy siting, minimal running costs and the limited initial investment.

      Low Power Consumption: Max 3 Kw




      VET MRI G-Scan - VET Rotating MRI Scanner

      • Brand - Esaote

        Country of Origin - Italy


        • Minimum space requirements: 55 m² (592 sq.ft.)
        • Height minimum: 2.4 mt
        • Environmental requirements: 21-24 °C ± 3 °C/Std.
        • Floor loading: 8000 Kg
        • MRI compatible horse table by 3rd party supplier

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