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Ecoray Ultra 100 X-Ray Generator


High-Power Generator with advanced features

  • · Most powerful portable generator (5kW, 110kV/100mA output)
  • · Auto measuring SID by Ultrasonic sensor
  • · Easy access to DR solution
  • · Durable metal connector of hand switch
  • · Applicable mobile stand & Table as an optional item
  • · Certified MDD CE for medical use


Operation Switch

1. kV & mAs Up/Down
2. Built in dual laser & Collimator lamp ON/OFF
3. Reversible Display
4. APR memory storage


Medical Plus : We sell and service Ecoray Veterinary X-ray Generators that has dedicated VET control interface, for years. We are located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The region we cover are Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and the whole UAE, also our wing has been established in the Middle East coving Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain. Our global offices and service centres in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.

Ecoray Ultra 100 Portable X-Ray Generator

  • Max. Output Power


    Max. kV / mA

    110kV / 100mA

    Focal Spot

    1.8mm x 1.8mm



    Dimension (mm)

    396 x 295 x 204

  • Brand - Ecoray

    Country of Origin - Korea

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