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  • SlateHUB DR - Equine Portable Vet X-Ray System


    Highest Resolution Digital Radiographs

    Produces equine digital radiographs faster and more reliably.


    Multiple Modalities

    Switch between wireless ultrasound, full-body digital X-ray and dental digital X-ray with this fully portable diagnostic imaging center that does it all.


    One Patient Medical Record

    Store images to patient's universal record, unifying patient data for easy retrieval and review.


    Truly Portable and Wireless

    Battery operated for patient-side imaging diagnostics when and where you need them.


    Beautiful Touchscreen

    Easily go-between ultrasound, dental DR and large format DR modalities, study review, patient record management and cloud archival options.


    Space, Time and Money Saved

    Designed for the way you work, the Cuattro Hub creates efficiency in workflow with multiple modality options that allow for more diagnostics.


    One device with multiple modalities and high definition images to complete your diagnostic needs…all in one system.


      Denti Pod ( Optional ): The world’s first and only equine-sized dental digital radiography solution.

      Producing perfect intraoral DR views for instant images, immediate retakes, proper positioning, and remarkable image quality that can be viewed stored, and shared on Cuattro Hub. The perfect addition to grow and differentiate your equine practice.


      Medical Plus : We sell and service Heska 's SlateHUB DR - Equine Portable Veterinary X-Ray System that has dedicated VET interface, for years. We are located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The region we cover are Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and the whole UAE, also our wing has been established in the Middle East coving Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain. Our global offices and service centres in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.


        SlateHUB DR - Equine Portable Vet X-Ray System

        • Wireless Digital Ultrasound 

          The most efficient wireless HD ultrasound solution for any need, in any environment. Whether as part of a pre-purchase exam, lameness workup, or on the fly field checkup, Sono Pod delivers ease of use and enhanced patient and user safety with HD Wireless technology.

          Get an instant visual of patient health with crystal clear images of…


          • tendons, ligaments
          • lungs (lesions, pneumonia, consolidations)
          • ocular anatomy, visual needle insertion
          • joint space,biopsy, testes, masses
          • abcesses, foreign bodies, injuries

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