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  • MyLab ™ X7 VET Ultrasound Scanner is a Perfect Choice

    Extremely intuitive and user-friendly veterinary interface offering outstanding image quality which adds extra value to your exams.  LED monitor with IPS technology allowing you to capture every single detail.


    Clinical Confidence Requires High Performance & Advanced Tools

    • 22 MHz probe with very high-res images
    • microV - fast non-invasive hemodynamic evaluation with high sensitivity for lesion characterization
    • ElaXto - non-invasive assessment of tissue elasticity
    • CnTI™ - advanced technology for Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) imaging
    • QPack - multimodality quantification tool for CnTI™, Color & Power Doppler


    Broad Connectivity Options

    • DICOM connectivity (including Q/R)
    • Multi-modality archive
    • Wireless connectivity
    • MyLab™Desk evo viewer
    • MyLab™Tablet


    MyLab ™ X7 VET Ultrasound Scanner


      • Dedicated VET software and probes
      • Windows® 10
      • Quick start-up
      • Full-screen visualization
      • Highly responsive capacitive touchscreen
      • Large probe portfolio
      • Microvascularization detection with microV

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