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  • Chison ECO2 VET Ultrasound Scanner - Versatile B/W - Advanced Technologies


    ECO2 Vet supports PW Function to give more accurate diagnosis capabilities with blood flow speed measurements, S/D, PI, RI, heart rate calculations (small animal scanning). Excellent PW Resolution and Automatic PW trace measurement will greatly improve your diagnosis confidence.

    ECO2 Vet uses the latest advanced technologies such as Compound Imaging, SRA, Multiple Beam-forming, and Tissue Harmonic Imaging. These improve the image quality, resolution, penetration, and frame rate, and ECO is the only system that has all these advanced features on a black and white ultrasound.

    ECO2 Vet is lightweight at 14 pounds including battery. The AC adapter is very small and lightweight for travel, three times smaller than most other portable machines.  

    ECO2 Vet has a medical-grade LED screen to allow a brighter image outdoors and is energy-saving and eco-friendly compared to other models with LCD.

    ECO2 Vet feature's one key to the full screen image, making the image as a 15" screen while keeping the machine small and portable. 


    The latest platform and more advanced chip-set equal better image quality in a compact design at an affordable price.

    • Supports PC Printers enabling you to reduce out of pocket costs
    • 8GB memory card
    • 320G Harddisk (optional)
    • Vehicular Charging (optional)



    • Less Radiation
    • Less Power Consumption
    • Longer usage--LED Screen
    • Longer Battery Standby Time


    Medical Plus : We sell and service Chison ‘s Veterinary Ultrasound Scanners that has dedicated VET interface, for years. We are located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The region we cover are Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and the whole UAE, also our wing has been established in the Middle East coving Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain. Our global offices and service centres in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.

    Chison ECO2 VET Ultrasound Scanner


      • Rotatable LED (0-30 degrees) with multiple viewing angles
      • Ultra-Compact and Ultra Light
      • Portable/Easy to Carry
      • Keyboard built for Ease of Use
      • Dedicated Trolley Cart
      • Streamlined Workflow

      • Advanced Technologies
      • I-Image (Intelligent Image Optimization)
      • THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging) 
      • SRA (Speckle Reduction Algorithm
      • Compound Imaging
      • Full digital beam-former
      • Trapezoid
      • Automatic PW Trace
      • Chroma
      • AIO (automatic image optimization)

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