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  • MyLab ™ X8 VET Ultrasound Scanner -

    A new era of ultrasound is here: new system software helps you to accelerate your workflow by setting customizable options.  Attain immediate results, and exploit all features of the vet-dedicated platform.


      MyLab ™ X8 VET Ultrasound Scanner Offers Broad Connectivity Options

      The worldwide medical imaging community has entered a new era of communication opportunities.

      Today with the multi-modality tool it is possible to combine real-time ultrasound imaging with a wide range of second-imaging modalities (MRI, CT, 3D imaging, Doppler, Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound) to reach a fast diagnosis.

      With Streaming the real-time examination can be displayed on multiple devices thus allowing everyone to have direct access to the examination.


      • DICOM connectivity (including Q/R)
      • Multi-modality archive
      • Wireless connectivity
      • MyLab™Desk evo viewer
      • MyLab™Tablet


      MyLab ™ X8 VET Ultrasound Scanner


        • Dedicated VET software and probes
        • Windows® 10
        • Easy to move
        • Quick start-up
        • Zero-click technology
        • Microvascularization detection with microV
        • Full-screen visualization
        • Highly responsive capacity touch screen
        • On-board battery** - enabling an autonomous cart base

        ** Optional

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