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  • Esaote’s new ultra-performance MyLab™9 VET Ultrasound Scanner is designed to provide high-level image quality guaranteed by the new state-of-the-art technologies to elevate your diagnostic experience.

    Enjoy the new performance of the probes, the dedicated veterinary interface and the comfortable ergonomics.

    MyLab™ 9 VET Ultrasound Scanner Offers Complete Cardiovascular Package

    Make fast and accurate diagnosis adding value to your examinations:

    CMM - M-Mode quality & cardiac examination efficiency
    TVM - wall motion analysis for myocardial function
    Zero-click EF - automatic ejection fraction computation
    XStrain™ - endocardial velocity quantification & heart deformation detection
    Smart stress-echo - complete ejection fraction reporting for cardiac segment evaluation

    Clinical Confidence Requires High Performance & Advanced Tools

    • 22 MHz probe with very high-res images
    • microV - fast non-invasive hemodynamic evaluation with high sensitivity for lesion characterization
    • Needle enhancement - valuable aid in interventional practice
    • ElaXto - non-invasive assessment of tissue elasticity
    • Fusion imaging - CT, MRI side-by-side with real-time ultrasound
    • CnTI™ - advanced technology for Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) imaging
    • QPack - multimodality quantification tool for CnTI™, Color & Power Doppler

    MyLab™ 9 VET Scanner Offers Broad Connectivity Options

    The worldwide medical imaging community has entered a new era of communication opportunities.

    Today with the multi-modality tool it is possible to combine real-time ultrasound imaging with a wide range of second-imaging modalities (MRI, CT, 3D imaging, Doppler, Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound) to reach a fast diagnosis.


    Medical Plus 

    We sell and service Esaote ‘s Veterinary Ultrasound Scanners for years from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  The region we cover are Dubai, Sharjah,  Abu Dhabi, Ajman and the whole UAE, also our wing has been established in the Middle East coving Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain.

    MyLab ™ 9 VET Ultrasound Scanner

    • Dedicated VET software and probes
      Windows® 10
      Quick start-up
      Zero-click technology
      Full-screen visualization
      Highly responsive capacitive touchscreen

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