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  • Divario Small Animal CR System


    Compact desktop units with high throughput for excellent X-ray images

    The Divario CR-T2vet and Divario CR-Tmvet are CR desktop systems with a maximum processing capacity of 73 cassettes per hour. In this high-speed mode (5 pixel/mm), the throughput is increased by almost 70 % compared to previous CR systems. The Divario is easy to operate, reduces patients’ waiting time and increases the efficiency of the examination process. The desktop system, available in an unobtrusive compact design, can be placed wherever space is limited – on a desk or a shelf. In addition the Divario CR-Tmvet version offers images with a superb resolution of 50 μm (mammography resolution) e.g. for cat or dog paws etc.


    Together with the professional image acquisition software CLIO DR,  the CR system offers all necessary image processing tools. The solution can be adapted to fit specific clinical purposes. It is also ideal as a secondary or backup system where there is already a DR or CR in place.


    The CLIO CR software in particular allows quick and easy working. ® Special emphasis was placed on maximum image quality and maximum flexibility. For example, the included professional image processing software dicomPACS DX-R ® can be adapted very easily to the doctor’s specific wishes or requirements for each X-ray examination. The user is not limited to the selection of „pre-set“ standards. This functionality provides the best possible image quality in accordance with the doctor’s needs.


    The creation of the best possible images, however, also requires the correct setup of the X-ray unit and the correct positioning of the patient. To help the X-ray assistant with this task, a multimedia radiographic positioning guide for each examination has been integrated directly into the system. It allows the user to verify, prior to taking the X-ray how to correctly set up the X-ray image. Even videos on the positoning of a patient etc. are included. This guide removes the need for radiographers to consult tables, reference books or external software programmes.


    Highlights of Divario CR System


    • Space-saving desktop unit, for shelf space and racks (floor space 0.30 m²)
    • Stable high-quality images
    • Very high resolution of 50 μm for small objects such as cat or dog paws
    • Maximum processing capacity of 73 cassettes (18 x 24cm) per hour
    • Also for mobile use



      Benefits of the professional CLIO DR X-ray acquisition software

      • Modern graphical user interface (GUI) adaptable to almost any language
      • Touchscreen operation – to ensure quick and efficient work and a smooth workflow
      • Capture of patient data via DICOM Worklist, BDT/GDT, HL7 or other protocols – data may also be captured manually
      • Use of DICOM Procedure Codes for the transfer of all relevant examination data directly from the connected patient management system (HIS/RIS)
      • Freely configurable body parts with more than 200 projections and numerous possible adjustments in veterinary medicine already included
      • Safe and fast registration of emergency patients
      • Allows the user to switch between examinations of a patient, for instance to avoid having to re-position the patient frequently
      • Allows the user to subsequently add images to an examination, even after that examination has already been completed
      • Special tools for veterinary medicine, such as an extra dialog box for patient and owner data, integrated MMP and hip dysplasia measuring, special image filters, TPLO, TTP, Buchanan’s Vertebral Heart Score, distraction index, multi generator operation for alternating between mobile and stationary systems and much more…
      • Entry of recurring examination procedures as macros, e.g. pre-purchase examination for horses
      • Fully integrated radiographic positioning guide for each examination in veterinary medicine incl. comprehensive notes, photos and correct X-ray images
      • Facilitates the use in the dental area, e.g. by means of RVG tooth sensor or dental CR system
      • The digital X-ray system can be controlled via wireless remote control (e.g. iPod, iPad or similar) including display of the work list, image preview and much more


      Medical Plus : We sell and service Divario VET CR systems that has dedicated VET interface, for years. We are located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The region we cover are Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and the whole UAE, also our wing has been established in the Middle East coving Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain. Our global offices and service centres in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.

      Divario Small Animal CR System

      • Digital X-ray with familiar cassette handling
        Divario CR-T2vet for standard X-ray examinations and
        Divario CR-Tmvet for special examinations of small objects with extra high resolution (up to 50 μm)

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